Use cases

We believe that any good product should just get better as you use it.

All the Features you will see inside Deloz is designed to help you sell and market your business better

Increase Sales and Revenue

Behavioural tracking
Make decisions based on real data. Understand what and which particular activities are bringing you more revenue.
Sales Insights
Get a quick overview of all the activities and tasks visually with a single click. Create graphs which show the most important metrics for your business.

Manage multiple revenue streams

Multiple Pipeline
Chances are you have different stages of selling the same product in different countries or even for different sectors. You can create multiple pipelines and customize it for your use case.
Multiple Products
So you have not one but several products with different prices. You can use it in a single pipeline or create new pipelines for new products.

Unified communication

Shared Inbox
Sync the emails of the entire sales team in a shared inbox. See who is reading and replying in real time. Assigning the emails to another person is no more an issue.
VOIP Calls
Get a local number of 150+ plus countries with just two clicks and make your business global. Have an automated recording of all the phone calls for future reference.

Effective Reporting

Periodic reports
Set the backbone of your team's core activities based on periodic reports. Be it daily, weekly or monthly reports.
Understand the trends
Understand the trends in your sales, visually, and find the core reason for both profit and loss.

Sales Automation

Lead scoring
Set the lead score parameter once and the workflow will take care of the sales cycle of leads as you have decided.
Service allotment
Assign the service to different team members once a service is requested.

Productivity Boost

Email campaigns
Email templates for specific industries integrated with workflow and webhooks keep your leads engaged until you have to intervene.
Work focussed UI
The drag and drop interface in the single page application is designed keeping in mind the daily life of salespeople.

After sales Service

Preventive maintenance
Set a time interval for future services and get notified when it's time via notifications and let your client get notified by email.
Auto assignment
Assign the leads to particular sales executives depending on the predefined conditions the leads meet.
Start managing your sales the right way
Built around a proven sales pipeline management methodology. At Deloz the pipeline comes with a clear visual interface which allows you to take action, stay in control, and remain organized in any complex sales process.
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