Track lead activity, close them and maintain long term relationships

Import opportunities

Get started by importing the contacts that you have built up until now and let our platform take charge of storing those data safely from now on.
  • Easy Import
  • Secure

Manage contacts / leads

Merge duplicate contacts, have them filtered, and sorted in the way that makes sense to your business. Save your filter preferences so that you don't have to do it repeatedly.
  • Quick navigation
  • Productivity boost

Prioritize and schedule your tasks

Let the leads come to life by attaching them to activities such as meetings, calls, and emails. Deloz will make sure your activities yield the right results.
  • Lead Scoring


  • Smart Feed

Communicate efficiently

Become a master salesperson by having all the necessary information right in front of you while making phone calls and sending emails. 2-way sync will make sure all the important emails are shown to you.
  • VOIP calling

    Have access to local numbers of 150+ countries by signing up and take your business global in an hour.

  • Shared inbox

    See the work getting done in real-time with shared inbox and assign it to others if needed.


Follow up

A sale requires 7 interactions on an average. Our product will make sure you don't miss any and get all of it done efficiently.
  • Goals

    Having set a goal, we make sure that all the necessary numbers are being reminded from time to time.

  • Workflow

    Set the rule and have our platform send periodic emails to nurture your potential clients.


Maximise the chances of closing the deal by following up, communicating, and managing your deals the right way.
  • Maintain the relationship

    Retain your customers and maintain long-term relationships by nurturing them with periodic follow-up emails.

  • Follow up

    Have a look at the analytics and the data to investigate what went wrong in the deal. Learn from it.

  • Analyse the reason

    Have a condition set up to remind the lost opportunities that you still have more value to provide. Send reminders for an Upsell.

The Deloz pipeline comes with a clear visual interface which allows you to take action, stay in control, and remain organized in any complex sales process.
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