General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )

The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission brought in GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation to maximize individual’s right to privacy by protecting their data within the European Union.

What does GDPR do?

It prepares guidelines for rightful collection, storing and processing personal data of individuals. The purpose of GDPR is for citizens to have control over their own data.

What are its benefits?

The first and foremost benefit of GDPR is security. There’s a protection against unwarranted use of personal data.
People know that their data is intact. GDPR focuses on ensuring the individual’s data is secure.
GDPR ensures that the laws within and outside of the European Union come together.

It provides businesses with a more just work environment making data protection of individuals simpler.

GDPR just doesn’t focus on preparing the guidelines, it keeps in mind all the aspects of protecting personal data right from setting up of mechanisms for protecting data to an event of non compliance and breach of privacy.

It also looks after all data protection/breach issues at a global front.

What you should know about it?
GDPR offers data protection in all European Union states so if you don’t comply with it you are looking at the receiving end of a huge fine.

GDPR uses both cloud and on-premise softwares depending on the business.

By when can we expect GDPR to be in action?

May 25th 2018 officially .

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