Who knew becoming a Partner could actually be this simple?

Partner with Deloz, make money by being an affiliate.

The benefits of being on the Deloz Referral is 3 fold

Consistency when it comes to payments
A commission of 20% every time someone you referred makes a purchase
It’s as transparent as the air around us

How does it work?

When you signup to be an affiliate with us You’ll get a unique ID or a link. So we can easily track the referrals that have come from you and sent you the amount you earned.
If they happen to purchase a subscription be it starter, enhanced or enterprise, you get a 20% commission even if the purchase is at a later visit.
Let’s say you have referred your good old friend Jim to us. And let’s say he pays about $147 per month. So every time he pays $147 to us, you get to take $29.4. That’s $352 a year per referral. And it’s uphill from there on, depending on how many friends you refer to us.
You can track all the trials signed up for and the subscriptions paid up with our reports. We also we have a 90 day cookie policy.
Start managing your sales the right way
Built around a proven sales pipeline management methodology. At Deloz the pipeline comes with a clear visual interface which allows you to take action, stay in control and remain organized in any complex sales process.
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