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Real Estate

Deloz helps real estate agents in managing their clients, transactions, projects, and new sales. Our interface is easy to manage and delegate to sales reps. Link calendars and real estate documents to every client record. The field of real estate is never short of business. However, managing emails, excel sheets, calendars, contacts can get a little tricky at times.
Create a database of potential buyers and sellers while concentrating on existing contacts. Deloz helps in everything right from listing appointment requests to property closing. We save the time spent on driving to client locations by enriching profile data in our tool.


Deloz provides sales representatives with access to information like customer interaction history, related contacts and organization, order values and more to make informed sales decisions.
Enable customer centric planning and scheduling for better forecasts of their demand for the products. Equip sales reps with all the necessary information at one place to resolve customer issues effectively.


Deloz’s sales automation tool eliminates manual data entry and chore tasks such as lead follow-up, team notifications, writing emails, and more. The mobile app makes traveling for your business much easier. Automate just about anything in sales.
Over the last decade, there has been a sharp rise in the consulting field where most professionals have resorted to having their own companies. This is because of their expertise in value-added services. We help you deliver any strategy on the given deadline so you can attract new business opportunities.


Deloz is just as effective for individuals as it is for companies. Use Deloz as a sales assistant and have it schedule activities, reply emails, and set goals to increase productivity.
Run a company like an established organization with email workflows and event tracking which automates the workload of a salesperson. Manage the entire sales ecosystem without having to use multiple apps to do individual tasks by using one single platform.


Deloz system will streamline and manage sales activity for any retail outlets. Manage your clients, leads, and billing with our sales solution under a common database.
Eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency, while reducing total cost of ownership. Unite entire supply chain into an integrated and streamlined business process.


Deloz gives its users individual lead pages about the leads coming in from their landing page, add them to the pipeline, check the status of their current stage in sales, and view service history. View the history of assets, customers, and recurring jobs, and serve them efficiently.
Speed up troubleshooting. Keep track of details and service history related to all the customer assets.


The construction industry is usually dependent on managing relationships between procurement, inventory, and engineering team. Deloz helps in minimizing both time and effort for the sales teams with your company.
Deloz provides real-time snapshots of organization's sales key metrics . Deloz makes it easy to track an estimation within the bid process. Also, get visibility on potential contract values, sales stages, the number of projects, and alerts of upcoming activities.

Energy & Utilities

Traditional power companies are looking at retaining old customers through better delivery and quality while the new firms are trying to lure new clients.
Deloz provides opportunities to manage vast quantities of data in one place that is accessible by all departments. Intelligently store customer information, email, account contracts, service history and much more. Depend on Deloz’s organizational collaboration in order to ensure consistency across every customer touchpoint.


Communication with potential students across various departments can be managed with multiple pipelines, have predefined templates to save more time.
Right from application to enrollment to student communication track every interaction. Deloz facilitates recruiting, alumni engagement and enrollment.


Whether you have a vehicle dealership or a showroom that sells spare parts. Deloz will make the whole transaction of sales and service easier than you any other product ou there.
One can set fixed or variable intervals for service, assign them and track the whole service history.
Start managing your sales the right way
The Deloz pipeline comes with a clear visual interface which allows you to take action, stay in control and remain organized in any complex sales process.
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