Social Customer Care – Can Your Social Media Profile Become Your Customer Care?


Who would have thought you could actually mix business with pleasure? Wondering what I am talking about? You must have heard (read) about social customer care somewhere.

Social Customer Care

The intersection between your company’s Customer Support and the amazing invention that is Social Media.

Remember the old times, when you had to wait forever on the phone, press 1 to go there and 2 somewhere else? Does that ring a familiar, annoying and rage-inducing bell? We have all been there, and we all have hated it just as much.

“I like calling up those toll-free customer care numbers and wait forever to talk to a human agent.”
– No one ever

 Is Social Customer Care the new Marketing?

We very well know that everyone is online these days, whether it’s on their phones or on their desktops/laptops. They are on social media time in and time out, Scrolling through the newsfeed.

So, what should you as a business owner or a customer support executive do? You should be taking  advantage. Leverage social media for effective customer care and support for a better brand image.

With a bad review online, there’s always a chance of it going viral.

Are you doing Social Customer Care right?

What are some of the things that you have to consider while taking your customer care social?

Before that let’s look at how customer care used to be-

Of course, we have all had been on those never-ending call waiting and navigating our way through the maze of “press so and so” to get there. We have also written strongly worded emails which never got a reply. Back in the day the customer care and even now for some businesses, customer care is like that 9-5 job, 5 days a week. So, if you had any issues you had to wait till Monday to address them.

Back in the day the customer care and even now for some businesses, customer care is like that 9-5 job, 5 days a week. So, if you had any issues you had to wait until Monday to address them.

Another drawback of customer care back in the past was that Customer Care had NO specific BUDGET. And when there is no budget, people don’t invest a lot of energy.

The question still remains what are some of the things that you have to consider while taking customer care social?

Be Active

There is no point being on the social networking sites and not be active. It’s been established that all the business are going social, having social-business profiles, interacting with their customers. So, why not use it to the fullest?

Be Fast

However, it’s important that you are on the networking sites/apps that your target audience is on. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube all of it and while you are on it, it’s best that you respond quickly. You don’t want to be a classic case of ‘You snooze, you lose’. Speed matters. Speed always matters and also how you respond to it. Never go for canned responses. Be Aware

Be Aware

Software such as Mention helps you track every mention of your brand on the world wide web. This will help in having a good idea about how your brand is doing and what people are actually talking about it.

What are a couple of the most used Social Media for customer care and support?

It’s noted that Twitter has a quicker response rate when compared to Facebook. But these do go head to head from time to time. I’ll, however, be focusing on Twitter here.

“Customer Service interactions over Twitter have increased 250% in the last two years.”

social customer care
Walmart’s separate Twitter handle just for customer service

This one is an example of how brands interact with their customers:

This particular post from 2014 went viral. How one tweet helped him get freed. God bless Technology and Twitter and also Social Customer Care.

social customer care

It’s engagement of this kind by the brands that make more people want to know more about your brand. Since this Tweet went viral, more people came to know of Waterstones. There’s instant brand awareness right there.

The idea of the brands interacting with these social networking websites is that more people come to know how they actually interact and deal with situations. And if the customer at hand is satisfied or even surprised by their interaction, they talk about it to their friends and family. Good old Word of Mouth Marketing right there. And if they do it take it online- Monitor the mentions. So many software for that.

Morton’s Steakhouse couple of years addressed to this customer’s airport tweet that asked for their Porterhouse Steak and to his surprise, their server was waiting there for him at the destination airport with the order and more- All of it for free. They didn’t charge for that particular order but they gained a lot as this tiny gesture of their’s did its round around the social media web.

Let’s go through Social Customer Care Interaction 101

What do you do if the customer is frustrated?

Be Polite. Kind words go a long way.

What do you do if the customer is upset?

Again Be Polite. Kind words go a long way.

How exactly do you interact with the customers?

Always show empathy. Always.

Don’t take their attacks personally. Even if they seem to be. Especially when they are personal.

I remember once getting a wrong order from a popular shopping website. Repeated calls and emails got me nowhere with it. One tweet and I got the response within a day and the order exchanged in the next 3 days.

We have no idea what the future entails. Sci-Fi movies have disappointed us. If not I would be writing this in my flying car, sitting in the passenger seat of course. Well, my point is, we don’t know how customer service is going to get in the future. But, from the looks of it. It has come a long way.

From waiting forever for a reply to immediate live chats, voice and video calls and of course tweets and Facebook posts. They not only get the customers what they want, they also get the business what they want. There’s instant brand awareness and image building with Social Customer Care.

It’s not just Twitter, the profiles engage on other media as well- Facebook is another social media platform that these profiles are particularly active on interacting with the people, posting pictures and statuses. Utilizing the Facebook live streaming to the fullest. Of late the Messenger Bots are really helpful with customer care for the brands. They also help in promoting the brand.


More and more business profiles are getting social and interacting with their loyal fanbase and customers through social media by making important announcements, getting an early deal, peeks about certain things and sometimes by just asking- what’s up? Another reason to get on the Social Media eh?

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