Do Salespeople need CRM?


The biggest challenges that most salespeople face are the sales prioritization and lead follow up. Sales tracking becomes a major issue for salespeople without CRM. Salespeople using sticky notes across workstations take more time in converting a lead to a deal. They have piles of paper lined up which becomes difficult in going from appointment to appointment without CRM for Sales people

CRM is designed and built to remember all the data about the companies and customers. With the usage of CRM, it’s easy to track and prioritize sales leads. It helps in establishing an effective sales process.

CRM literally helps to boost sales. The study by Innoppl Technologies claims that that 65% of sales reps who have CRM achieved their sales quotas, and 78% of those who didn’t use CRM did not achieve their targets. 

The Major advantages of using CRM:

1. Organised Data

CRM helps salespeople to store the data about their contacts, leads, activities, and scheduled appointments. Sales Automation tool like Deloz can also store and organize data about the after sales. All this information is accessible from multiple locations. This will make the job of the salesperson much easier with all the information in hand which is organized. And most importantly the data is secured.

2. Time Management

CRM helps salespeople to prioritize their daily schedules and tasks to keep in check the appointment and meeting schedules by which customers are not ignored and the leads are contacted in time. CRM also allows salespeople to spend more time with clients, which leads to more deals closed and a stronger client base.

3. Activity Reports

Salespeople can easily prepare their weekly or monthly reports for management using CRM. The process is automated and transparent. The prospective customers can be categorized depending on different stages of the sales process.

4. Targeting

It’s easy to segment data and identify key opportunities via criteria based selections. This helps salespeople prevent wasting hours of making excel sheets. This also gives a clear picture of whom to target and convert into a valuable deal.

5. Stay Updated

CRM gives the benefit of shared calendars, documents, and email integration, uniting all the sales team members and keeping everyone up-to-date. Sharing sales patterns and processes allows salespeople to evaluate the sales process. It also increases communication between the sales force and sales management.

6. Lead Tracking

Tracking all the communication with customers will be simplified. It helps salespeople to know exactly when leads need to be contacted. This increases the chances of closing a sale and converting into a deal.

7. Sales Cycle

The entire sales cycles can be streamlined using a CRM. This results in closing deals in the sales pipeline and helps everyone in the sales team to reach targets quicker. Order processing and quoting is automated, which helps in reducing the production costs and increase company’s revenue.

8. Customer Relationship

All the customer-related data is stored in the database, it helps salespeople to analyze the needs of clients and even anticipate their problems. This results in increased customer satisfaction and ensures customer loyalty, as well as higher profit margins.

9. Ease of Administration

The communication bridge between the sales manager and salespeople is reduced. Tasks are automatically sent as reminders and email to the team members. Service management becomes easy with this kind of system. CRM stores product information like price details, triggers reminders for activities, and takes salespeople through the sales pipeline step by step.

10. Save money

CRM like Deloz are most economical. This is the best replacement for a bigger sales team to a smaller sales team. It actually helps save money. With fewer salespeople and more automation, there is less chance of errors. Effort and cost related to correcting those errors may be much higher without CRM.


If the CRM is opted and used correctly, it will boost the performance of any sales team, and will help salespeople to excel in 4 areas that are critical for them:

• Easy sales pipeline to search, sort and qualify leads

• Follow up on sales leads systematically and on time;

• Prioritise and follow up sales activities

• Increase Customer base and have an efficient sales process.

Sales teams need to synchronize their sales activities. This will enable better sharing of customer information and will secure more effective sales process with CRM.

Moreover, sales teams should indulge in the idea of registering all sales activities and sales routines by which they are more likely to reach their sales goals. Although it is also important to realize that salespeople will benefit a lot by being able to update and share the relevant information on prospects and clients.

CRM for sales people enhances team’s productivity, as the database and all your work-related activities can be accessed on multiple devices and from different locations. CRMs reduce the pain points of salespeople and help them have an effective sales strategy.

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