Influencer Marketing Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket


If you have to think of the top marketing trends of 2017, does Influencer Marketing make the cut?

Yes? Good.

No? Then read this and know what’s it about and then? Rethink your answer.

I am not going to explain you how to make use of the 50k followers of an influencer without paying them a buck , but about how organic influencers are all around us . When you are done reading this piece , you will have a clear picture of organic influencers and paid influencers as clear as you understand organic traffic and paid traffic . The only difference would be , the paid traffic will stop the day your Adwords account gets deactivated .

The thing with influencer marketing is that it’s usually heavy on your pockets. Heavy budgets are just sad. Now, what does a business with not such a high budget do? Just give up and go another way? Nope. They go with not so traditional influencer marketing ways.

We live in a world where there are no more clear cut strategies to go ahead with. It’s not necessarily a nice thing but it comes with its own perks. How?

You don’t have to have a traditional meaning of an Influencer Marketer

What exactly do you mean by Influencer Marketing?

It is basically the practice of not just finding influencers but also building relationships with them. These are those individuals who have influence over the audience you are targeting.

But, don’t they take like a butt load of money?


Is there a way you can implement influencer marketing without burning a hole in your pockets?

Hell Yes!


Here’s how-

Do you really want to go by the traditional definition of an influencer marketer? What happened to “think outside the box”? Are all influencers going to ask for 6 figures?

Let’s go a little unconventional. How many times has it happened that you asked your Uber driver about places to go or asked the waiter/bartender what would they recommend for you? Think about it. They usually end up being more of an influencing power than you care to admit.

It recently happened so that during my morning jog, I happened to meet some tourists and they asked me for a breakfast place and without even giving it a second thought I told them the cute waffle place that I always go to. See I was an unconventional influencer for that waffle place. They didn’t have to pay me, just being nice to me and giving the complimentary waffle every once in a while worked.

So, use incentives, they won’t cost you a fortune but chances are they might get you a fortune. The thing with unconventionality is that you can experiment as you wish. So pay them with the resources you have, doesn’t have to be money.

Sometimes a handwritten letter does the job too. I remember this online shopping store that I ordered some accessories from, and along with the order was a handwritten letter thanking me for the purchase and believe me when I say this- I TOLD EVERYONE ABOUT IT.

Okay, That waffle place or the online shopping store will never know I pushed those customers to them. That’s the thing with unconventional influencing, you can’t track them. But they do the job just as well.

So what do you do when you are low on budget and still want to implement influencer marketing? Go the unconventional way.

Let’s say you own a dessert place. Give your influencer a cheesecake on the house. This influencer could be anyone who has come to your store more than once. They spread the word more than anyone else and since they do it by their own will and wish, you know it’s genuine and true.

Influencer marketing without burning a hole
Strawberry cheesecake on the house.

It’s the little things that count and it won’t cost you much. Just toss in a free dessert once in a while, extended happy hours if you own a bar, discounts at your stores, exclusive dinners & party invites and so on.

It won’t be easy at first but it will definitely be worth it and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket as much as a high-end influencer who takes home 6 figures just to probably post a picture of your business on their Instagram or tweet about it.

When nothing else works, you’ve to become an influencer yourself. It will definitely be worth it. Why pay someone else anything when you can do a damn good job yourself? How? Thank the amazing invention that is Social Media.

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