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Although there is no commonly-held definition for customer experience, we can define it as the perception a customer forms over a series of interactions with an organization. It is how the customer engages with your brand throughout the cycle and not just a snapshot. Revenue and reputation of any organization depend on customer experience.

difference between good and bad customer service
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Customer Experience

Caring for your customers never goes out of fashion. Organisations which strive to keep their customers happy are always successful. Providing a good customer experience differentiates an average organization from a very successful one. So what do we do to as an organization to provide that extra little to the customers?

This is where the need to have a customer experience strategy comes into play.
Every successful brand has a successful customer experience strategy, they strive to reach out to their customers. Successful designing and delivery of customer strategy do not happen overnight. It’s a systematic strategy to help your organisation consistently exceed customer expectation.

A customer never runs out of options in a world full of competitors, his customer experience is what brings him to our company or brand. An organization should base its customer service strategy around this experience because at the end of the day a happy customer will give you sale and revenue.

We have to understand that customer service and customer experience are two different things. Customer service is just the beginning of a customer experience. However, customer experience is the overall experience, which continues even after the sale is made.

correlation of happy customers and revenue
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No business can sustain without customers, so giving customers enough reasons to come back to you is a very important aspect of a successful business strategy.
There is no end to a customer’s expectations. Businesses have to adapt to customer’s expectations with each passing day.

How To Cope With Expectations?

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The burden of customer experience

Know Who Your Boss Is!

In any business, it is imperative to know who the real boss is. The customers are the ones who run the show. The vision, mission and goal of any company should always revolve around its customers. There is no business without customers. Every employee in the organization should know whom they work for and what.

A customer is always on the lookout for the best value for his money. A successful brand always thinks about its customer before developing its product, they are the center of all their innovation.

Be The Customer

Every customer is unique, their needs are different, their financial situation is different and their emotional state is different while they make a purchase. It is very important that we know what exactly a customer needs. Successful organizations connect and empathize with their customers and their situations. This can only happen when we step into the customer’s shoes.

Know what the customer wants

Hire or Fire

Hiring the right staff is the key to great customer experience. Hiring the right people for the job helps you establish a positive internal culture, which will directly improve the customer experience.
Business parameters must be laid down for future staff and for the existing ones which will enable a smooth transition. Patience and positive temperament are the basic skill sets required to sustain the robust customer service environment. Personality and attitude cannot be learnt.

Hire the right people

Feedback = Bliss

How does a business know if the customers are satisfied?
Shouldn’t we thank our customers for leaving a feedback?
Any business that value their customer’s experience go a long way. An unsatisfied customer will do more harm to your brand than happy customers. Every organisation need to have a system which tracks customers who are unhappy. A feedback from an unhappy customer is another opportunity to the organization to satisfy them by doing what pleases them.

This is your second chance to make customers happy

Set The Target Right

Every business has customers who return and are the ones who give them a lot of revenue. Creating a database of these customers helps you allocate resources.
Rewarding these customers with attractive discounts and offering them membership in elite clubs will help the business grow. These customers will invariably end up returning and give more revenue to organization.
Publishing these customers who belong to the elite club on your website will help you market your product and lure more customers.

We asked one of the veterans in customer service –Gary Mueller that

What is that little extra that your customer executives usually do , which receives an extremely positive response from your customers ?

Gary Develop CAB’s (customer advisory boards) whereby you bring in (either in person or via video) critical VIP customers (those that do a lot of business with you) and ask them how we are performing FOR them. What are the good points as well as the bad pain points that we need to improve upon. Listen to them and what they have to say. They are your 9’s and 10’s within your NPS, they will promote you to others, and that is a great selling/advertising plan.
Another idea was to develop incentive’ plans that were meaningful to the customers. They always like to feel appreciated.
What would you suggest to customer service executives who will be reading our blog, regarding how to approach your customers to become a world class brand that people keep coming back to?
Gary Listen to what they have to say on all channels, and react to them promptly, be empathetic to their needs, be proactive in trying to know what they want/need, and be genuine in all forms of communication to them. Your agents need to have service endurance (be able to be as upbeat and positive with the 100th call of the day as they were with their first), be empowered to do something for the customer they feel will help them and put the company in a good caring light, and genuinely care and listen to the customer. Being a good listener is critical.


There are no set rules to follow for good customer experience, a sale cycle begins and ends with our customers and their experience is the most crucial factor which decides if the organization is heading north or south.


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  • It really is better to perceive things from the customer’s point of view. We as salespeople or be it anyone from this end are more often than not just focused on selling the product or service at hand and completely disregard them at times. Putting ourselves in their shoes will not only help us to understand them better it will also lead to better sales.

  • This article reminds me one of Bill Gates quotes “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. It’s a very insightful article on Customer Experience.

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