Which One of these 5 is the Best Sales Trainer in the World?


What according to you constitutes a good sales trainer? If you had to choose the best sales trainer in the world who would it be? Are they among the ones mentioned below or do you have some other names in mind?

Whether you go about sales training in the general way or the company specific way, you will always benefit from it.

Here’s a list of 5 people that are definitely worthy of the title- the Best Sales Trainer in the world

Jordan Belfort

best sales trainer in the world
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How many of you have watched the movie- The Wolf of Wall Street? The epic movie starring Leonardo Decaprio and Margot Robbie. How many of you know that it’s based on a book that’s a memoir of Jordan Belfort, something he wrote right after he got out of prison?

Jordon Belfort has not let the prison time get to him, and despite that, he has acted as a consultant for over 50 public companies. The idea of Wolf of Wall Street came to him in prison. His story is that of redemption. He was on a high with his stock market manipulation for which he went to prison but since then he has written two hugely successful books and is now a world-renowned motivational speaker.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
― Jordan Belfort

According to him, persuasion goes a long way, getting people to say yes is the secret to getting everything you want out of life. That’s how he came up with the Straight Line System. He helps people by breaking barriers that hold them back from achieving success. All of these qualities definitely make him a strong contender for the Best Sales Trainer in the World.

Jeffrey Gitomer

best sales trainer in the world
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He is the best selling author, business trainer, and keynote speaker who gives lectures internationally as well as writes about sales and personality development. He has written 13 books, the most popular being- The Little Red Book of Selling.

Jeffrey has a YouTube channel ‘Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel‘ dedicated to sales and improving business. He has over 40, 000 subscribers for his channel. On his channel he talks about everything related to sales and business, he even answers questions asked by his viewers.

“Rules are in every company for everyone to follow. Eh, except salespeople.”
– Jeffrey Gitomer”

As a speaker he gives more than 100 presentations annually and as a writer has written weekly columns for more than 25 years. Follow his podcast Sell or Die, where he discusses the art and science of selling along with Jennifer Gluckow. He also publishes a weekly online magazine called Sales Caffeine filled with sales tips, news, articles, and recommendations.

Colleen Stanley

best sales trainer in the world
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Founder of Sales Leadership Inc, author, keynote speaker, and trainer. She’s the author of the popular book “Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success”. Before starting her own company she was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Varsity Spirit Corporation.

From being sportswear buyer (her first job) to having her own company, Sales Leadership Inc, Colleen Stanley climbed her way up the ladder. She was then a sales representative, regional sales manager, and VP of Sales and Marketing all at Varsity Spirit Corporation.

“Make a decision to be present when meeting with members of your team. Put away your smart phone, close the door and put your phone on do not disturb. Treat your salesperson like you would treat your most important customer—because he is!” – Colleen Stanley

Salesforce has named her as one of the most influential sales figures of the 21st century. She definitely lives up to it. She created EI selling which is a unique and powerful sales program that focusses on emotional intelligence skills along with consultative selling skills. While she was working at Varsity Spirit Corporation, the sales increased from $8 million to $90. millions. If this doesn’t make her a strong contender for the best sales trainer in the world title, I don’t know what will.

Keith Rosen

best sales trainer in the world
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He is the founder and CEO of Coachquest, a company that transforms managers and salespeople into coaching elites. Other than that he is also the author of various best selling sales books including “Coaching Salespeople in Sales Champions”, ” Own Your Day”, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Closing Sales” and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cold Calling”.

He is Master Certified Coach. In fact, he’s one of the initial people to get this title by the International Coach Federation. He was also one of the founding members of the International Coach Federation.

What do you coach? You coach the gap. Build a bridge that takes your people from where they are today to where they want or need to be.

– Keith Rosen

His program alone has reached hundreds of thousands of sales managers and salespeople in the last 30 years.One of his tips or coaching- Help your salespeople direct their thoughts toward what they want to create (pleasure), rather than what they want to avoid (fear, pain, or consequence). He is also an expert sales advisor for a lot of organizations that provide sales and leadership solutions.

Bob Urichuck

best sales trainer in the world
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Bob Urichuck is an international trainer, professional speaker, creator of the buyer focused “Velocity Selling” and has written a book on it too. It’s a video-based learning system. He is also the author of the best-seller “Disciplined for Life: You are the Author of Your Future” and “Motivate Your Team in 30 Days.”

He is a Certified Master Trainer (CMT) and Certified Social Entrepreneur (CSE). He has also won the Brand Personality Award of 2013 by the Brand Laureate. Since 2008 he has been in the top sales gurus list consistently.

Stop selling products and services and Start letting buyers buy you. Once they buy you, they will buy anything you have to sell.
-Bob Urichuck

He loves inspiring, educating, and inspiring business leaders, selling and non-selling professionals. In his quest of inspiring people, he has spoken in over 1500 cities. He also does in-house customized training, public seminars and workshops worldwide. Would you consider, keeping all his accomplishments in mind, for him to be the best sales trainer in the world?

If you observe the people mentioned above have one thing in common, they all have this drive to inspire and motivate people and that is something that always works. Whatever field you may be in and if you are in the field of sales and have salespeople under you that look up to you, sales training can go a long way.

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