10 Real time challenges faced by Sales People


For the last 1 month, we have been conducting a survey of Sales Professionals. Basically, the major purpose was to find out and understand the challenges they are up against. This survey indicates the real-time challenges faced by the salespeople everywhere. The selling formula has changed across different industries, consumers’ attitude towards purchases is different now. And also the work required of the sales team is becoming increasingly difficult.

Don’t get me wrong here I am not against the profession, the compensation is usually top notch, but we can all agree it’s a tough job. It’s a difficult field to succeed and has a cut-throat competition. It’s definitely not easy and requires a high level of patience.

The motive behind the survey conducted was to collect the real-time challenges of salespeople. There were a lot of them and to be honest it wasn’t easy to just choose 10. If I could I would have mentioned all of them here, perhaps a round 2 soon.

so Here are the 10 challenges of salespeople that particularly caught our attention.

1. Sales Management

The process of meeting and exceeding sales goals of the company involves Sales Management. It requires strong sales management to properly deal with all the processes. The success of any company is incumbent upon the driving and managing forces. Without proper direction and guidance, achieving revenue targets will be difficult, regardless of the talent levels of the sales team.

Laila Ali, Sales Coordinator

“Sales Management is the major challenge”


2. Phone negotiation

Negotiating on the phone is generally less satisfying from a human standpoint than doing so face to face. The opportunity to observe the expressions and body language of the people with whom we are negotiating is deprived. You can’t assess if they are interested if they are considering and are more inclined to say yes or no. You can’t pick up on non-verbal cues over the phone, at most the “but umms..” and probably the prolonged silences. Phone negotiation is most effective when it’s a follow-up to a in-person discussion.

Jarno Ylilehto, Sales Manager

“Well at the moment the hardest part is limited time because of my studies. But I also do find negotiation by phone hard too – I’m good at negotiating face-to-face”

3. Branding

Ana Laura Rednak, EMBA

The biggest challenge is with branding. How to establish such a good story on the market and so strong brand that sales is not needed…:)

 4. Rejection and Data Entry

A resounding ‘NO’ can be a tough word for salespeople to hear. In fact, thousands of salespeople have expressed that the fear of rejection sometimes is greater than actual rejection. It can demoralize salespeople and affect their drive and performance.

Korched Aymen, Security Sales Manager

The biggest challenge is rejection and how to be more efficient in sales

(administrative, payment, data entry are taking more time than sales activity)

5. Sales Volume

An organization determines the correct levels of sales volume by conducting a cost-volume-profit analysis. This helps an organization figure out how changes in sales volume will affect its revenue, margins, operating income, and net income.

Seiyid Elamin, Sales Manager

Sales volume. I definitely put some thought into it. I determined that behavioural inputs such as motivation and cooperation are functional compromises to increase output. Thus, the answer I provided.

 6. Antiquated vendor and customer systems

Ryan Bloomstorm, Director of New Business Development

Antiquated vendor and customer systems are the largest obstacle for me.

7. Client Interest

When you give value consistently to a client, a relationship based on trust is being established. They start to see us as someone who is an expert in the field. When you give them value, they are drawn to you. You will get them hooked.

Sales is a big part of my company, and our biggest challenge is

Client interest. My business provides an important service for society, but many people do not realise it. I need to find interested potential clients in order to sell packages. What I have learned is that if you let your passion shine through, then you are better off.

8. Business Travel

Reaching sales quotas and having a home life while traveling to prospective and current clients is a challenge not talked about as much. Traveling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and more so business travel and that’s a challenge we definitely should be talking about.

The biggest challenge for enterprise-level sales reps is travel.

Sales professionals struggle with the challenges of business travel

9. Quota

On an average, only about 40% to 65% of salespeople will meet their quota, and even less will consistently achieve quota, year-over-year. Consistency is hard to maintain when it comes to sales and not a lot of them can maintain it.

Challenges of Sales People


The single biggest challenge sales professionals struggle with is their ability to meet quota

10. Business Relationship

To overcome this challenge, sales professionals must have a sales process and follow it. Within that process, add discovery techniques for asking questions that uncover needs and create a demand for your services. Take the information we learn and tell the story of how the value of our services will support the needs of our client and customers.

The biggest challenge for enterprise level sales professionals is staying focused on developing the business relationship.

Do any of these challenges of salespeople resonate with you and your sales team? If they do, focus your energy on the one single issue causing the most pain. Instead of trying to fix them all, try to fix one. When that’s done, move on to the next one. By applying a couple of adjustments, additions and process improvements, you can almost eliminate the challenges of connecting with prospects, closing deals, engaging decision-makers and focusing salespeople on the best leads.

And if you are really looking forward for the round 2 of challenges of salespeople that I mentioned earlier, then comment below.

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