10 Companies With Amazing Brand Slogans That You Will Never Forget


Imagine this, someone asks you to describe yourself in a line. Will you be able to do it? How many of you will stumble for words? Pretty much everyone, right? It’s very hard to be precise. Especially, when it involves talking about your entire brand in a line or at most two. It seems like a pretty tedious job. There is so much pressure on that one single line. So, what to do? That’s when slogans come handy. They are catchy and people associate that one particular line to your brand, whatever the context is.

What Are Slogans?

Slogans are memorable and catchy phrases that are used as an expression of an idea or a purpose, repeatedly with the motive that it catches on and persuades people towards it.

Why Does A Company Need A Slogan?

These taglines of brands are really helpful in giving the brand an image, a persona.

And let’s not forget to promote their company and put it on the map.

Here are 10 companies with amazing brand slogans

Nike: Just Do It

Marketing Campaigns that changed the Markets Around The World
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Everyone on the face of the earth knows what Nike is and what ‘Just do it’ is. The shoe company came up with this slogan in 1988 at an ad agency meeting. But, do you know where did Dan Wieden of Wieden+Kennedy come up with this iconic slogan? It is inspired by the last words of a man, Gary Gilmore who was about to be executed. His words were “Let’s do it”, Wieden, however, modified it to the slogan we came to know and love. The slogan was so successful that it was one of the top 2 slogans of the 20th century.


Maybelline: Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline

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The company Maybelline was founded by 19 year Thomas Lyle Williams after watching his sister use a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to make her eyelashes look fuller in 1915. However, the famous slogan ‘Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.’ came into existence in 1991. Even though they changed their slogan to ‘Make IT Happen’ in 2016, the old slogan still continues to be powerful. That’s how amazing their ad campaign is.

 BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine

Source: bmwblog

Bavarian Motor Works, usually abbreviated as BMW had Ammirati & Puri come up with the slogan ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ in the 1970s. It was originally baby boomers just out of college wanting to spend their hard earned money. Now, this car claimed to be ‘The ultimate driving machine’ which intrigued a lot of people. It’s BMW’s eternal slogan. It is still the most identified car slogan. Even though the company introduced two other slogans ‘Joy is BMW’ and ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’, BMW is still identified and is synonymous with ‘The ultimate driving machine.’

MasterCard: There are somethings money can’t buy. For everything else there is MasterCard

Source: mastercard.us

This award winning slogan was created in 1997. It tries to connect with people on an emotional level. People don’t have the time or the means to create spectacular moments and that’s when this ‘Priceless’ campaign comes in. The success of this campaign can be seen in the ad of the father, son and the signed baseball.The reach of this ad was so huge that it reached about 98 countries. This campaign managed to highlight the cherished moments.

California Milk Processor Board: got milk?

Source: wikipedia

The ‘got milk?’ ad campaign was created in 1993 and licensed in 1995. The ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners came up with this slogan. Got milk? is one of the most famous commodity brands and influential campaigns in advertising history. It was actually created to counter the increase in sales of fast food and aerated drinks. Fun fact: This iconic slogan almost didn’t become a thing because people at the ad agency thought it was lazy and not to mention grammatically incorrect. Grammarnazis! Bring it on! This was teamed up with the iconic print ads of milk mustache which were sported by many famous celebrities.

Citibank: The Citi Never Sleeps


Source: citbank

The Citibank got their slogan ‘The Citi Never Sleeps’ in 1978. They borrowed this slogan from New York City as it is ‘The city that never sleeps’. The bank launched 2 ATMs in the New York City that were functioning 24 hours, 7 days a week. John Reed who was the head of the Customer Services group said that machines aren’t infallible and that their promise is of 24 hours a day and therefore this slogan’s existence.

 De Beers: A Diamonds is Forever

Source: thevoicebw

‘A diamond is forever’ slogan appears in every single De Beers ad since 1948. It was also named the number 1 slogan of the century in 1999. The reason behind this slogan is to discourage the reselling of diamonds by saying diamonds are forever just like your relationship and also not disrupting the market. A good strategy. But, do you know diamonds aren’t worth as much as they are?

McDonald’s: I’m Lovin’ it

Source: mcdonalds.co.uk

The launch of this iconic McDonald’s slogan was in 2003 and is till date as strong as it used to be way back then. McDonald’s has never claimed to be healthy all it says is ‘I’m Lovin’ it’ which can’t be proved wrong because people love it, the taste and the convenience. Again a smart strategy by not promising something that’s not true or bizarre but just the fact that you as a person will love it.

Apple: Think Different

Source: wikipedia

The slogan ‘Think Different’ had it’s launch in 1997 by TBWA ad agency. It’s release was in a commercial- Here’s to crazy ones. Forbes says the stock price of Apple tripled within a year after the release of the commercial. Even though the slogan is no longer in use, people still associate Apple with Think Different as they apply it for themselves too.

 Nestle KitKat: Have a break. Have a KitKat

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The origin of the slogan ‘Have a break. Have a KitKat’ was way back in 1958. Ever since this slogan’s launch people have related to taking a break from their busy and hectic schedules with KitKat. In between Nestle UK used the slogan ‘Make the most of your break’  but returned to using the old one again.



Some honorary mentions:
Nokia: Connecting People
Coca Cola: Open Happiness( Now: Taste the Feeling)
Adidas: Impossible is Nothing
EA: Challenge Everything
KFC: It's finger lickin' Good
Imax: Think Big

All these companies have amazing brand slogans which are popular even now, after decades of them coming into existence even after the companies have changed their slogans. That’s the power of amazing brand slogans. It sticks around, no matter what.



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